Post-10 & More Info

Post-10, Advanced Work and Rolfing Movement®

Following completion of the basic series of Rolfing and an integration period of a couple months, clients often have a tune-up session, typically on a quarterly basis. Or some clients wait longer and have a three session mini-series of three sessions as a yearly tune-up.

idaAdvanced sessions are available from a Rolfer who has completed the Advanced training after being in practice for at least five years and completed continuing education requirements during that time.

Rolfing Movement is a separate system of work which forwards the same goal as Rolfing itself. Where Rolfing deals with patterns of structure, Rolfing Movement re-educates the body’s movement patterns. Life is motion. When we are unable to meet life’s demand to move in certain ways, tension results. Familiar symptoms of this kind of tension are low energy, aching muscles and stress. A Rolfing Movement teacher works to guide the client in replacing binding tension patterns with free and well integrated movement. Rolfing Movement usually consists of five or more sessions spaced one or more weeks apart. Sessions can be done in groups or in private. Movement work can be done for its own value or as a powerful aid to the manipulative work.

About The Rolf Institute® and the Rolfing Training

idaidaThe Rolf Institute was founded in 1971 to carry on Dr. Rolf’s work. Its major purposes are to train Rolfers and Rolfing Movement teachers, to carry on research and to provide information to the public. Only individuals trained and certified by the Rolf Institute may use the Rolfing service mark.

Rolfers and The Rolf Institute are very different from nearly all other medical, complimentary, and alternative health practices. Many people don’t realize that:

  • Rolfers and The Rolf Institute maintain a contractual relationship with each other throughout the Rolfer’s career to maintain the high standards of this work.
  • While many schools these days teach structural integration, The Rolf Institute is the only organization/school with the legal rights to teach Rolfing® and to train/certify individuals as Rolfers.
  • Rolfers know each other locally, nationally, and worldwide.
  • Rolfers are Members of The Rolf Institute and hold voting rights within the organization.
  • Rolfers do extensive and life-long continuing education, uphold The Rolf Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and maintain themselves as Members In Good Standing on an annual basis.
  • The Rolf Institute maintains official procedures to investigate and address concerns regarding ethics and standards.

The Institute conducts trainings in Rolfing for individuals who have completed the required coursework in anatomy physiology and kinesiology, have demonstrated an ability in hands on work such as massage or physical therapy, and who have the maturity and sensitivity to work with people using this technique. The Institute Catalogue is available from the Rolf Institute (address below).

Information about Rolfing and Rolfing Movement is available from the Institute and includes:

  • Original literature written by Dr. Ida Rolf
  • The results of continuing scientific research studies
  • Video tapes on Rolfing
  • Articles from popular magazines
  • A directory of Rolfers and Rolfing Movement Teachers
  • Information about training as a Rolfer or Rolfing Movement Teacher

For information about Rolfing in your community, contact or write to:

Michael Vilain
Palo Alto, CA 94303
or write to The Rolf Institute
5055 Chaparral Court, Suite 103
Boulder, CO 80301